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Successful Individuals

Parents can create a lifestyle of discipline, self-care and happiness.


Successful Families

Develop a connection, renewed mindset and positive experiences.


Successful Communities

Children can have improved discipline, a more positive approach to problem solving and add value to their everyday environments.

What to Expect

Certified Human Behavior Consultant

As Founder and President of Successful Parenting Solutions, Coach LaTanya Blackmon is dedicated to helping parents and childcare providers to help their children to succeed. As parents struggle with their child's defiant behavior, she helps them to develop strategies in an effort to obtain a positive outcome in school and at home, while building a healthier balance to their relationships. She helps women who desire to start their own childcare center by coaching them and supporting them thorugh the process, from start to finish. She helps existing childcare providers to develop systems, programs, structure and an atmosphere that will encourage a good learning environment. 

As a mother of 4 and once enduring the struggles of being a single mom, overcoming challenges with her own children and being faced with redefining herself as a mother, wife, business owner and woman in general, she has taken the steps necessary to build a strong foundation for her family.

After studying Business Management in college, becoming owner of Kidz Rock Child Development Center and working with parents everyday to produce positive solutions for themselves and their children, it's only natural that LaTanya extended her training at Christian Coach Institute as a Certified Professional Life Coach and Certified DICS Consultant.  She also received training at Impact Coaching Academy as a Certified Parent Coach. She is a lifetime learner and uses her leisure time with family, relaxing, reading and developing new programs.

She specializes in the areas of parent coaching and child development. She's called the Mommy Coach because she is dedicated to supporting moms through her coaching services, training sessions and resources, and helping them to develop leadership and structure in their home and life, so that they can have joy, reach their goals and have disciplined children. She is a woman of honesty, commitment, vision and Christian faith. She believes charity begins at home and then spreads abroad.

Her experience in working with children has brought much encouragement and success to the families that she has come in contact with. She is known for her compassion, organizational skills and 'get it done' approach.  Her coaching style is hands-on and intentional.  In a time when moms are experiencing difficulty with their children, she believes their need for support and understanding is most important.

...I would not have made it through the summer without her guidance, understanding, and encouragement.

RH -  Charlotte, NC

The staff is cooperative, friendly and go out their way to help parents.

SP - Charlotte, NC

​​​Coach LaTanya understands the struggles of trying to get children to behave.  She too, felt defeated and disappointed trying to raise positive and well-behaved children.  Now, with over 20 years of experience, she is educating parents and childcare providers to develop strategies on how to develop disciplined children, transform their environment and receive fulfillment in their most important job, nurturing wonderful kids. The Mommy Coach, Coach LaTanya is dedicated to Helping Moms to Develop Healthy, Disciplined and Positive Children, while Creating a Life of Balance and Fulfillment.

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Educating, Supporting and Inspiring moms and women childcare providers who desire to develop healthy and successful children. We assist moms and childcare providers in developing structure, creating solutions and reaching their goals toward a happier and more satisfied life.  

Certified Parent Coach

My son and I trust Mrs. LaTanya. One thing for sure is that she's results driven. We're living fulfilling lives now due to her dedication, continued support and spiritual guidance. We've been blessed to know her.

KG -  Charlotte, NC

coach, training, disc, education
Certified Professional
Life Coach

About Coach LaTanya

When my son faced some behavioral challenges, it was a very difficult time. Mrs. LaTanya was there, never giving up on him and being there to support us both anytime we needed her, providing sound advice.

KG - Charlotte, NC