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  • Build confidence in your mom abilities 
  • Explore tools on how to build a more positive relationship with their child
  • Determine strategies for encouraging your child to use positive behavior
  • Courses are professional, educating and interactive

I am Coach Parent

Successful Individuals

Parents can create a lifestyle of discipline, self-care and happiness.


Successful Families

Develop a connection, renewed mindset and positive experiences.


Successful Communities

Children can have improved discipline, a more positive approach to problem solving and add value to their everyday environments.

Our 1-on-1 Coaching and Training Programs will help moms to develop structure, create more discpline with your children and develop a system that will lead you and your family to building success and joy in your life.  Successful Parenting Solutions offer solutions-based, self-development programs and well as 1-on-1 Coaching program. We are trained, experienced and trustworthy.  

What to Expect

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The staff is cooperative, friendly and go out their way to help parents.

SP - Charlotte, NC

Feel frustrated about parenting? Feeling a sense of failure? Wondering how to get your child to listen? Are you just overwhelmed and need guidance on how to create a daily routine that is more positive and productive? 

1 on 1 Coaching


6- Session Program

When my son faced some behavioral challenges, it was a very difficult time. Mrs. LaTanya was there, never giving up on him and being there to support us both anytime we needed her, providing sound advice.

KG - Charlotte, NC


Our 1-on-1 Private Coaching Sessions will help you to move forward, as we work hand and hand with you in determining your parenting goals, creating a strategy that will allow you to reach those goals and developing a blueprint to help you and your child to reach success.

The consultation will allow us to explore your challenges, goals and to determine if we are comfortable working together. Concluding your consultation, we will develop a plan specifically for you. Every mom should have strategies and tools in place to get her and her children to a successful outcome.  The Mommy Coach will work with you to develop those strategies and tools to help you reach short-term and long-term goals for your family.

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​Designed especially for the mom who wants to learn how to use the coaching approach in raising her children. The Mommy Coach will be with you for 6 weeks of training and skills development.  #iamcoachparent is the program for parents who desire an overall, hands-on approach, upfront look at parenting and who want to help their children to stay more focused, think independently and learn to build healthy relationships​  

Mommy Coaching

Our classess introduce new concepts and help parents to create a sense of community and connection. Parents are able to network, gather new information and demonstrate actual methods through hands-on participation.