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A comprehensive assessment for parents to evaluate whether they should obtain help with parenting

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We offer several options for coaching and consultation.  LaTanya Blackmon also known as The Mommy Coach is helping aspiring childcare entrepreneurs to create a business in childcare development and existing childcare providers who want to move forward in growing their business. Our programs are designed to help you in clarfing vision, creating an action plan and developing the framework to lead you toward full operational status.   

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This 6-Week Program is designed for the mom who wants a more extensive training and coaching approach. The Mommy Coach will be with you for 6 weeks of skills development and personal growth.  #iamcoachparent is the program for proactive moms who desire an overall, hands-on approach and upfront look at parenting. This program is for the mom who wants to develop in their parenting skills, help their children to succeed, think independently and learn to build healthy relationships.

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We offer a 5 Systems Blueprint to help you in Creating and Developing a Successful Child Care Center.  Whether you have a passion to Create a Child Care Center but don't know where to start or you already own a Child Care Center but want help developing a profitable program, we will meet with you, develop a strategy and build a plan that will help you from start to finish.

The Mommy Coach is results-oriented and focuses on helping moms who want solutions and want to create a lifestyle of structure, discipline and joy.  Through her workshops, webinars, training and one-on-one coaching, she has helped numerous moms to create balance and improve their child's behavior.